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Suchen Sie nach reef symbol-Stockbildern in HD und Millionen weiteren lizenzfreien Stockfotos, Illustrationen und Vektorgrafiken in der Shutterstock-​Kollektion. Downloaden Sie Reef kostenlose Illustrationen, Vektoren & Clipart, oder zu erstaunlich niedrigen Reef-Knoten Vektor-Symbol isoliert vektor abbildung. Exilgitarren Great Barrier Reef Symbol Definition, andere, Winkel, babylonische Gefangenschaft png. Exilgitarren Great Barrier Reef Symbol Definition, andere. 19 great barrier reef Icons. Kostenlose Vektor-Icons als SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS und ICON-FONT. Buck Island Reef-Symbol. – Vektor Illustration Amerikanische Jungferninseln, Amerikanische Kontinente und Regionen, Karibik, Land - Geografisches Gebiet,​.

Reef Symbol

ZeitZeichen. James Cook entdeckt das Great Barrier Reef (am ). Der Erstkontakt ist unsanft. Sechs Wochen zuvor hat James Cook. Suchen Sie nach reef symbol-Stockbildern in HD und Millionen weiteren lizenzfreien Stockfotos, Illustrationen und Vektorgrafiken in der Shutterstock-​Kollektion. Buck Island Reef-Symbol. – Vektor Illustration Amerikanische Jungferninseln, Amerikanische Kontinente und Regionen, Karibik, Land - Geografisches Gebiet,​. Für lokalen Download hier klicken. Essen Und Restaurant. Bitte gib das Problem an. Geschäft Und Finanzen. Wie habe ich Kostenlose Renn Spiele zu setzen? Nach unten skalieren. Bildnachweis: gagarych. Reef Symbol

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Reef Symbol Video

How to use the Eye on the Reef app Reef Fish Clipart Bilder bei Sie hochwertige Clipart zum Thema Reef Fish herunter aus unserer Kollektion von. Reef Knot Clipart Bilder bei Sie hochwertige Clipart zum Thema Reef Knot herunter aus unserer Kollektion von. ZeitZeichen. James Cook entdeckt das Great Barrier Reef (am ). Der Erstkontakt ist unsanft. Sechs Wochen zuvor hat James Cook. This is a way of employing the physical in order to reach the spiritual. It may also be a response to falling from grace or falling Hard Rock Resort Sentosa your stature in life. A name on the label of goods may depict quality to us. Standard Infantry. However, when all is said and done, dreaming remains Stargamesd mystery.

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The knot is formed by tying a left-handed overhand knot and then a right-handed overhand knot, or vice versa.

A common mnemonic for this procedure is "right over left; left over right", which is often appended with the rhyming suffix " Two consecutive overhands of the same handedness will make a granny knot.

The working ends of the reef knot must emerge both at the top or both at the bottom, otherwise a thief knot results. The reef knot or square knot consists of two half knots , one left and one right, one being tied on top of the other, and either being tied first The reef knot is unique in that it may be tied and tightened with both ends.

It is universally used for parcels, rolls and bundles. At sea it is always employed in reefing and furling sails and stopping clothes for drying.

But under no circumstances should it ever be tied as a bend , for if tied with two ends of unequal size, or if one end is stiffer or smoother than the other, the knot is almost bound to spill.

Except for its true purpose of binding it is a knot to be shunned. The reef knot is not recommended for tying two ropes together , because of the potential instability of the knot; something that has resulted in many deaths see Misuse as a bend.

The reef knot is at least 4, years old. The name "reef knot" dates from at least [2] and originates from its common use to reef sails, [3] [4] that is to tie part of the sail down to decrease its effective surface area in strong winds.

To release the knot a sailor could collapse it with a pull of one hand; the sail's weight would make the collapsed knot come apart.

It is specifically this behavior which makes the knot unsafe for connecting two ropes together. The name "square knot" is found in Dana's maritime compendium A Seaman's Friend , which also gives "reef knot" as an alternative name.

The name square knot is often used for the unslipped version of reef knot. Reef knot itself then is understood as the single slipped version, while the name shoelace knot is to indicate double slipped version.

Sometimes the name bowtie also may be used to indicate a double slipped version, but tying a bowtie is usually performed on flat material, and involves a slip knot of one end holding a bight of the other end i.

The name "Square knot" is also used for completely different other knots such as the mathematical concept of square knot , or friendship knot ; this last one earns the name by being flat and drawing a square on one face and a cross on the other face.

The reef knot is used to tie the two ends of a single rope pieces together such that they will secure something, for example a bundle of objects, that is unlikely to move much.

In addition to being used by sailors for reefing and furling sails, it is also one of the key knots of macrame textiles.

The knot lies flat when made with cloth and has been used for tying bandages for millennia. As a binding knot it was known to the ancient Greeks as the Hercules knot Herakleotikon hamma and is still used extensively in medicine.

It has also been used since ancient times to tie belts and sashes. A modern use in this manner includes tying the obi or belt of a martial arts keikogi.

With both ends tucked slipped it becomes a good way to tie shoelaces , whilst the non-slipped version is useful for shoelaces that are excessively short.

It is appropriate for tying plastic garbage or trash bags, as the knot forms a handle when tied in two twisted edges of the bag.

The reef knot figures prominently in Scouting worldwide. It is included in the international membership badge [11] and many scouting awards.

A fire in your house may relate to some anger that is destroying the peace at home. Fire may also signify destructive behavior on your part or that of another family member.

Also See: Fire Flying If you dream you are flying so high that you can actually touch the moon and stars this portends many different types of global disaster that you may soon hear of.

If you fly high with black wings you are warned that you are headed for a let down of magnitude. Flying dreams are normally a good omen and if the flight is pleasant, with no worries and anxieties, you can look for happiness and plenty to follow.

Also See: Flying Food People often dream about food. All types of food are a consistent part of a dream life. Anything from meat to elbow macaroni comes up through our unconscious and leaves vivid memories upon awakening.

Food is symbolic of a large variety of things. It could symbolize pleasure and indulgence. To the perpetual dieter, the dream could have a "compensatory" function where the food that is denied to the individual during the day shows up in the dream state.

Dreams could additionally symbolize physical, mental, spiritual and emotional nourishment. Also See: Food Chased Being chased by shadows shows the need to escape from something previously repressed, such as past childhood trauma or difficulty.

To be chased by an animal generally indicates we have not come to terms with our own passion. Horse brings the attnbute of strength to deliver you to your destination.

For the hero, the horse cames him to his mission, perhaps over long distances, and thus it may signify the need to travel.

A wild horse can represent unleashed and untamed power. Horses may also trot into your dream to indicate the need to stand your ground in a power struggle.

It can indicate either jumping up attempting to attain something better for ourselves or jumping down, which can mean going down into the unconscious and those parts of ourselves where we may feel we are in danger.

Jumping on the spot can indicate joy and has the same significance as dance See Dance. Repetitive movement of any sort in a dream usually indicates the need to reconsider our actions, to look at what we arc doing and perhaps to express ourselves in a different way.

On a psychological level, jumping up and down in a dream may indicate being caught up in a situation without having the power to move either forwards or backwards.

In certain religions, spiritual ecstasy is induced by jumping. This is a way of employing the physical in order to reach the spiritual.

In this dream you may be expressing feelings that are difficult to express during the day. Kissing is usually an indication of warmth, affection, and happiness.

If you are kissing the object of your affection, the dream could be a form of wish fulfillment. Superstition based interpretations say that if you are kissing strangers, you may have a need to conquer.

If the kissing is insincere, you are pretentious while if you see your partner kissing someone else, you may be afraid of infidelity.

Also See: Kiss , Kissing Money Money in dreams does not necessarily represent hard currency, but more the way in which we value ourselves.

If there is a feeling of self-denial in our making savings, particularly to the point of miserliness, we may not have managed our resources properly in the past and are having to suffer for it now.

We may also fear the future. If someone else gives us their savings, we are able to use their knowledge and expertise.

Also See: Money , Wallet , Wealth Paralysis When paralysis is felt in a dream we are probably experiencing great fear or suppression. Feelings that are emotionally based are experienced as paralysis in order to highlight the physical effect those feelings can have.

Imagination can often play tricks on us, and we experience as real some kind of reaction we would not normally allow ourselves.

Paralysis is one such reaction. Paralysis can signify spiritual inadequacy, inability to create movement, and inertia. There is a condition which sometimes occurs during development when we are forced into facing our own fears, and this can be experienced as paralysis.

You may find that you are unprepared to act on it or to even discuss the matter with other people. It may also symbolize the birth of new ideas, projects, directions, or goals.

To dream of being pregnant with a dying baby suggests an undertaking you worked hard for is suddenly doomed to fail. It denotes anxiety over things that are unfolding in ways you never expected.

A pregnant woman having dreams of her pregnancy usually conveys her worries in various stages of her pregnancy. First trimester dreams are usually consists of small creatures, furry animals, flowers, fruits, and water.

Second trimester dreams usually cover birth complications and self-doubt about motherhood. You may also dream of giving birth to a non-human baby.

Finally, in the third trimester, you tend to dream of your own mother. When a man dreams of getting a girl pregnant, it is a warning that serious consequences may result from his sexual activities.

Also See: Pregnant , Pregnancy Prison Being in a prison may comment on feelings of being persecuted or punished for doing something wrong. A prison may also mention that you are imprisoned by your own thoughts or beliefs.

Since a prison represents lack of personal freedom, it may point to a relationship that restricts your freedom, such as a bad marnage.

Also See: Prison Sexuality - Sex Dreams of a sexual nature are very common and act both as an emotional release and a reassurance that everything is in order with your sexuality.

Being intimate with a stranger is a fantasy that many people enjoy and this type of dream may indicate a wish for new experiences or experimentation.

Intimacy with your partner in a dream acts as a reassurance of your love, and serves to strengthen your bond in your own mind.

Also See: Sex , Sexuality Snakes The snake is a powerful dream symbol, associated with the feminine, healing and spirituality. Being bitten by a snake in a dream is actually positive, meaning you are accepting all parts of your nature as you grow into a stronger person.

If you dream about you or an animal attacking, wrestling with or trying to kill a snake, you will have to defend your reputation against nasty gossip.

If the attempt to kill the snake was successful in your dream, you will succeed against all hostilities. Also See: Snakes , Snake Spiders In a dream, a spider represents a malicious woman, or a weak, perfidious and a distant man.

A spider in a dream also represents a weaver, an ascetic or a monk. Ifone sees a spider in his dream, it may mean that he will meet a pious and a religious man.

Weaving a web in a dream means becoming weak. A spider in a dream also could represent a pleasing wife. If one sees a spider hanging down from the ceiling in a dream, it indicates a severe winter in that area.

Also See: Spiders , Spider , Tarantula Teeth Hostility or an attack, such as when dream figures deliver "biting words" or "bare their teeth.

Because this bony part of the body endures long after death, it has some associations with the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. In this context, losing teeth might equate to losing the will to live or having your personal power taken away.

Rotten teeth equate either to the fear of old age, or someone whose words are filled with so much insincere sweetness that decay in that relationship is inevitable.

Having teeth pulled out represents an end to suffering that is aided by an external force. Also See: Teeth , Body , mouth Vehicle - Vehicles If you dream of riding in a vehicle and someone else is driving, you will soon take a business trip at your bosses convenience.

If you are riding in a vehicle where you or a member of your family are driving, then your trip will be for pleasure or personal business.

Also See: Vehicle , Vehicles Walking or Running A running dream is basically a dream of escaping a certain situation, person, or thing. If you dream of the desire to run but cannot get your feet to obey it shows a lack of self confidence and perseverance on your part.

Try sticking to your guns and see how much your life will change. The quality of water often describes the situation of your emotions.

Crystal clear, clean, adulterated, calm mostly provides strong insights about the state of your feelings. Also See: Water Common Dreams Read More Literal Translation If the dream symbol person, event, object, action, setting, etc.

For example, your mother who was hugging you might represent a particular time she hugged you, or her affection toward you in general.

Consider whether the dream symbol might represent the same thing in your current life, past, or imagined future, and whether your feelings about the dream symbol remind you of feelings you felt about something in your real life perhaps recently.

Emotions The emotions you feel regarding the dream symbol are probably the same as the emotions you feel about whatever the symbol represents in your real life.

For example, if you feel overwhelmed by a swarm of insects in a dream, the swarm might represent your to-do list that feels overwhelming in real life.

See more about emotions in the Emotions symbol category. Abundance or Lack A dream symbol can represent something that you feel you have too much of, do too much of, or want less of in your real life.

Alternatively, your dream symbol could represent something that you feel you lack, do too little of, or want more of. If your dream contained a pleasant experience such as relaxing on a beach , your subconscious mind could be pointing to your desire for more relaxation in your life.

If your dream was unpleasant such as someone judging you , your subconscious mind may have been focused on trying to avoid that kind of experience in real life.

Personal Symbolism A dream symbol may convey meaning that you personally associate with it based on your experiences, feelings, and other influences as described in Subconscious Influences on Dream Symbolism.

For example, one person might associate a baby with vulnerability and someone else might associate it with growth. A particular dream symbol may bring more than one meaning to mind for you.

For example, money might bring to mind how fun it is to spend, but you might also think of money as power or a solution to financial problems.

Importance The symbols you tend to notice in a dream are often the most important ones. So a good place to start when exploring your dream is with the symbols that stood out.

Sometimes an important symbol is highlighted in the dream with a bright color, illuminated with light, pointed to with an arrow, or emphasized in some other way.

For example, a dream about trying to put out a fire at work could point to a real-life problem that arose suddenly at work that you feel requires quick action to avoid catastrophe.

Subject Context A dream might be about you or it could represent your perception of a friend or a recent situation—even in the media, on TV, or in a movie.

For example, in a dream about a girl wearing a cheerful flowered dress, the girl could represent a happier version of yourself or your desire to feel more cheerful.

Alternatively, she might represent a friend who was in a happy mood when you saw her yesterday, an upbeat song you just heard, or an optimistic character you saw in a TV show last night.

Time Context A dream symbol could represent something in your past, present, or imagined future. Look for elements that bring to mind a particular time frame, either in the characteristics of the symbol itself or in the other things associated with it in the dream people, activities, clothes, places, music, books, etc.

Time-related cues could include things like hair or clothing styles, a person appearing younger or older than their current age in real life, technologies of a different era, or personal cues such as the cowboy boots you wore at age seven.

So, consider whether a particular dream symbol could represent a similar but less extreme situation in your waking life, about which you feel strong emotion The point is that if we are being given these messages for our own well-being, it would behoove us to try to understand them, to listen to the spirits.

These things are therefore repressed and often disguised. Discover how to: Recognize your dream cycles, Increase your ability to remember your dreams, Keep and use a dream diary, Notice your waking dreams, Uncover hidden messages in your dreams, Focus your dreams to solve problems or make decisions, Form a dream support group.

Dreampedia Read More Read More If you find yourself transported to the scene of a well-known fairy tale, the following tips may help with the interpretation.

First of all, consider what common fairy tale motif your dream scene is depicting. For example, it could be: Courtship tale A strong theme in many fairy tales is the idea that love and goodness triumph.

In the animal bridegroom tale, the girl protagonist marries some kind of beast, who is transformed by love in the course of the story into a usually handsome prince.

In your waking life, do you feel you deserve the reward of love and security for your efforts? Do you believe love can conquer all?

Or is your dream urging you to reconcile your masculine and feminine attitudes in waking life? Good and bad choice Most fairy tales involve a moment when the protagonist is faced with a choice.

These include: helpless people or creatures to be kind or beastly to; opportunities to tell the truth or lie, or cheat or be honest; a choice to stand up for your principles or betray the innocent and submit to tyranny.

Notice the elemental justice of this fairy tale motif and see whether you can relate any of its themes to your waking life. Consider the symbolism of these motifs.

To what gift or hidden quality is your dream referring? Magical Helper These would include: an old crone, a talking frog, a fairy godmother, a swan to convey one across a river, a bird that carries one in his claws.

Also, and not always in a helping role, one might encounter magical creatures such as witches, ogres, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, trolls, gnomes and dragons.

Consider the symbolism of any helpers, or non-helpers, that appear in your dream; they represent psychological energy or strength that you either possess or need to find.

What qualities do they represent, and how will they help or hinder you? Can you relate such tests to your waking life? What trials and tribulations do you need to overcome?

Remember that these stories have been told and retold for centuries because they have resonated with their hearers and expressed something important to their audiences.

So if scenes from a specific fairy tale appear in your dream, consider the symbolism of the fairy tale motif, and see how the story and the lessons it teaches apply to your waking life.

If a specific character appears in your dream out of context from his, her or its fairy tale, for example Cinderella wandering the streets of New York on her own, Sleeping Beauty buying a house or Puss in Boots accompanying you on a train journey, consider what aspect of yourself or your life the character represents.

So if you find yourself having lunch with Rapunzel in your dreams, think about the symbolism of her hair, which was cut off to punish the girl for her indiscretion.

Is there something you feel guilty about in waking life or should feel guilty about? Or do you feel imprisoned in an ivory tower and long for freedom of expression?

The Element Encyclopedia Read More Purses, according to Freud, are symbols of female genitalia or the womb; when the purse opens, this suggests sexual availability and when it is snapped shut, this suggests withholding If it is dirty, burned, torn or trampled on, this may suggest anger against those who have attacked the country or anger against the country itself.

A sea of waving flags in a crowd may suggest benign patriotism or a sense of foreboding about excessively strong nationalism. If the flag is unknown, it may be a tribal emblem of your entire network of family and friends.

Do you feel supported by them or neglected? Your positive or negative attitudes towards the flag in your dream may reveal your unconscious feelings on this issue.

As always, the colors of your particular flag—whether or not the flag is known to you or associated with a country you have been to—will be significant.

As far as the universal symbolism for flags is concerned, you can ascribe meaning to certain symbols, but bear in mind that your personal associations should be considered first.

For example, the cross in the flags of Greece, the Scandinavian countries and Britain is a symbol of Christianity, but it may be telling you something else.

The Star of David on the flag of Israel is an ancient Jewish symbol. Religious symbolism can also be expressed via color. Green is often used in the flags of Arab and Islamic countries, such as Libya, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia; the flags of Kuwait, Jordan and Palestine all contain a green stripe.

The flags of Turkey, Tunisia and Pakistan include the crescent moon, another traditional Islamic symbol. Communistderived flags may include a hammer and sickle, as in the flag of the former USSR and the current flag of Angola, or a red background, such as the flags of China and Vietnam.

The eagle has been used as a national or imperial symbol since the times of the Roman Empire, which was a huge and enduring Christian territory for over a millennium.

Consequently, many Christian, imperial and other aspiring successors and hopefuls have adopted similar emblems, including Germany, Egypt, Russia and the Orthodox Christian Church.

If a specific herb features strongly in your dream, you may want to investigate the historical, religious, medicinal and cultural significance of that particular herb to enrich your interpretation.

Angelica: İnspiration, magic Bay: Glory, honor, reward Calendula: Sacred affection, joy, remembrance, grief Chamomile: Energy in adversity, patience, long life, wisdom Chives: Usefulness, why do you weep?

Personal Meaning Because dream symbol meaning is subjective and personal to the dreamer, consider what the symbol means to you personally.

To help yourself better understand its personal meaning, you could ask yourself: What thoughts and feelings come up when I think of this thing?

How would I describe this thing to someone who has never seen it before? How would I feel about this thing if I actually saw it in real life?

What would I say if someone asked for my impression of this thing? So, think about how the symbol appeared in the dream and what that may convey about its meaning.

For example, pay attention to: Where was the object? Was there anything unusual about its location or position? What was it near or surrounded by objects, people, etc.

What was its environment indoor or outdoor, lighting, mood, weather, etc. If an inanimate object What was happening to it?

If a living being What was it doing, how, where, and with whom? How were the characters including you viewing or relating to it?

How did you feel about all of the above? Look Beyond the Obvious A dream symbol often represents something beyond its obvious meaning. Whether a particular meaning from this book or elsewhere in your mind is the true meaning of your dream symbol.

For more on intuition as a dream interpretation tool, see Recognizing Dream Symbol Meaning. You may not always know which way to go, but your intuition will guide you if you pay attention to it.

Sometimes the true meaning simply comes forward within your consciousness and then your intuition confirms it.

A cigar or cigarette can symbolize a penis; even Freud admitted that his passion for cigar smoking was a substitute for masturbation, although he did once joke that a cigar is sometimes just a cigar.

Cars can represent the penis—especially if the car has a powerful, thrusting motor. Darts, fingers, snakes, guns, hammers, screwdrivers, horns, icicles, javelins, spheres, engines, lorries and poles are all phallic symbols, as are spires and towers standing tall.

Quills and pens are obvious Freudian symbols, especially if they are dipped in ink. Jungians suggest that the quill can represent the archetype of the animus, the male aspect of the female psyche.

Cell phones can be interpreted as phallic dream symbols as they often take the place of a loved one and can evoke sexual yearning or stand for the act of masturbation.

The image may also represent frustrating attempts at sexual intimacy. Drinking from a cup, glass or horn can represent oral sex with a woman. Socks or other items of clothing which fit the body part snugly are often interpreted as symbols of female genitalia; such items may stand for the act of intercourse if they are being put on or off.

Gloves and shoes are other common images of this type. Shoes can also suggest authority and sexual domination Acid: This suggests a corrosive, negative influence in your life.

Adder: There may be a situation in which another person cannot be trusted. Atom bomb: Fear that someone else might destroy your happiness.

Avalanche: A destructive force in your life. Bad: If you feel bad in your dream, this suggests that something is off balance in your waking life and that your environment is not positive for you.

Barbed wire: Hurtful remarks are preventing you moving forward. Bed wetting: Anxieties over lack of control in your life. Behind: To be behind someone in your dream suggests that you feel inferior to them.

Bite: Being bitten or biting someone is a symbol of aggression or hostility. Boar: Lust and gluttony. Brutality: The darker, more animalistic side of your nature.

Burglar: Violation of personal space. Chain: Restriction. Choke: Inability to express yourself. Crooked line: Insincerity. Devil: Personification of the evil side of yourself.

Dirty: Not at ease with your body, or lack of trust in someone or something. Drowning: Feeling overwhelmed. Earthquake: Emotional upheaval.

Empty and failure: Lack of energy and enthusiasm. Falling: Lack of confidence. Gall: Feelings of bitterness.

Hole: A difficult or tricky situation; can also suggest emptiness. Hood: Deceit. Ice: Frozen emotions. Immobility: Feeling stuck. Leak: Losing energy.

Leper: Feeling inferior or unworthy. Maggots: Impurities that can eat away at you; fears of death and illness. Mantis: Something devious within your life.

Marsh: Feeling held back or bogged down. Mist: Emotional confusion. Noose: Fear of being trapped. Obscenity: lower aspects of the self.

Parasites: Someone is attempting to live off your energy. Poverty: Feelin g deprived of the ability to satisfy your basic needs. Pus: Something which is festering and has gone bad in your life.

Sadism: Desire to cause harm to yourself or others. Scar: Old hurts that have not been dealt with. Sick: Bad feelings you need to get rid of.

Tar: Emotions have become contaminated. Torture: Trying to come to terms with a great hurt. Traitor: An aspect of yourself that is letting you down.

Unemployment: Not making the best use of your talents. Vampire: Fear of the unknown and negative energy.

War: Conflict. Winter: Time in your life which is unfruitful. Wound: Hurt feelings or emotions. X: An error or something of which you need to take notice.

Yawn: Boredom, but also a warning against aggression or abuse Expansions Dream Dictionary Read More Horses, especially stallions, may be a symbol of sexuality and mounting a horse represents intercourse.

Spectacular explosions are associated with orgasm. In the form of fireworks this suggests exhilaration but destructive explosions can express the desire to dominate.

Water gushing from a tap, champagne spraying white foam or cascading waterfalls are also orgasmic symbols. Churches with a steeple and an arched portal combine male and female symbolism and such an image may express conflict between sexual expression and moral responsibility.

Dreams in which you become invisible may simply indicate that you feel unnoticed by those around you, but they may also suggest an element of sexual voyeurism.

Disturbing Sexual Dreams Intuition is key in understanding both the meaning of the overall dream and the meanings of its individual symbols because your intuition is the part of you that recognizes the truth.

If a particular landscape or setting of a dream reoccurs, it tends to illustrate the way something affects you or how it makes you feel It is a sinister enemy that comes to meet you.

It represents insurmountable obstacles in your way that cause total fear. It also denotes a state of stalemate. In this sense, it relates to becoming petrified, unable to move on or grow In dreams, hotels, inns or guesthouses are symbols of the short-lived nature of some relationships, although hotels can also suggest that your relationship may be heading towards a new level of intimacy.

Pay particular attention to the view from your hotel room. Is it beautiful and bright, or dark and gloomy?

A harmonious serene landscape bathed in gentle light is always a comforting image and may suggest nostalgia for a lost friend or lover.