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Jewels ist ein Compilation-Album der britischen Rockband Queen, das am Januar veröffentlicht wurde. Das Album wurde nur in Japan auf CD veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich um eine nur in Japan digital remasterte Bit-Compilation-CD mit. Queens Jewels spielen - Hier auf laurencelibert.be kannst du gratis, umsonst & ohne Anmeldung oder Download kostenlose online Spiele spielen:). Wie könnt ihr Queen Jewels ohne Werbung spielen? Grundsätzlich könnt ihr alle unsere Spiele ohne Anmeldung spielen. Als angemeldeter Benutzer habt ihr. Das Onlinespiel Queens Jewels ist ein kostenloses online Flash Game aus der Kategorie Bejeweled, welches du im Browser ohne Download oder Anmeldung. The Queen's Jewels. Unmengen von glitzernden Diamanten, in 4 Kreisen angeordnet, strahlen dir vom wunderschön gestylten Spielfeld entgegen.

Queen Jewels

Queen Elizabeth II. Aquamarines Parure, Diadem, Earpendants, Brooch and Bracelet | Queens, Royal Jewels | Historischer Schmuck. Das Queen Crystal Jewels Haarband von Miu Miu kennzeichnet sich durch ein funkelndes Design. Es ist mit winzigen Kristallen besetzt und mit einem Solitär an​. Hier kannst du The Queen's Jewels spielen. Mädels und Glitzersteinliebhaber aufgepasst! Die Juwelentruhe der Königin hat sich geöffnet ihr müsst jeweils.

This four-strand pearl choker with diamond pendant was commissioned for the Queen by the Japanese government in the early 80's; she's seen wearing it here on November 16, It's been seen on the Duchess of Cambridge as well.

The Queen's striking amethyst set, which includes a diamond brooch, necklace and earrings, is known as the Crown Amethyst Suite of Jewels or the The Kent Amethysts.

The set originally belonged to Queen Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent. Elizabeth is seen wearing it here on March 26, Here the Queen dons a diamond and aquamarine earrings, and necklace set, gifted to her by the People of Brazil for her coronation.

Four years later, she commissioned Garrard to make her a tiara that matches nicely. The uprights are apparently detachable and could be used as brooches.

She's seen wearing the set here on October 15, The Queen's emerald necklace and matching earrings, worn here on October 14, , are known as the Cambridge and Delhi Durbar Parure.

The tiara originally featured large pearls, which were removed on Queen Mary's orders and refashioned into the Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara , a favorite of both Princess Diana and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Queen's diamond and sapphire necklace and earrings, known fittingly as the Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamond set, were made originally in and gifted to Lilibet by her father, King George VI, for her wedding.

The matching tiara was made in She's seen wearing them here on June 11, Originally designed for Queen Mary in , the Cullinan V Heart diamond brooch that the Queen is pictured wearing on March 9, is about 19 carats.

The diadem is traditionally worn by queens and queens consort to the State Openings of Parliament. This yellow gold, ruby, and diamond " Scarab Brooch " is a favorite of the Queen's and was gifted to her by her husband, Prince Philip, in This charming bejeweled basket of flowers brooch was gifted to the Queen by her parents after the birth of Prince Charles in The bow-shaped diamond brooch the Queen wore, fittingly, to the marriage of Kate Middleton and her grandson Prince William, is known as the Lover's Knot brooch and was part of Queen Mary's collection.

They were part of the Queen Mother's collection until her death in This three-strand pearl necklace must be a favorite of the Queen's as she wears in frequently.

Perhaps it is a go-to for the Queen because it was gifted to her by her father, King George VI, or because it is an elegant and simple piece that can be worn with many other jewels.

The Scene. Type keyword s to search. PA Images. The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara. The Imperial State Crown.

It originally had 15 large drop pearls, and was made by the jeweller Carl Edvard Bolin at a cost of 48, rubles.

During the Russian Revolution in , the tiara was hidden with other jewels somewhere in Vladimir Palace in Petrograd , and later saved from Soviet Russia by Albert Stopford , a British art dealer and secret agent.

Queen Mary had the tiara altered to accommodate 15 of the Cambridge cabochon emeralds. The original drop pearls can easily be replaced as an alternative to the emeralds.

Queen Elizabeth II inherited the tiara directly from her grandmother in Elizabeth wore the tiara in her official portrait as Queen of Canada as none of the Commonwealth realms besides the United Kingdom have their own crown jewels.

It is designed in the form of a wreath of roses, with silver and diamonds making the petals, and clusters of gold and rubies forming the centre of the flowers.

The Queen's first tiara was a wedding present in from her grandmother, Queen Mary, who received it as a gift from the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland in on the occasion of her marriage to the Duke of York, later George V.

Leslie Field, author of The Queen's Jewels , described it as, "a festoon-and-scroll with nine large oriental pearls on diamond spikes and set on a base of alternate round and lozenge collets between two plain bands of diamonds".

At first, Elizabeth wore the tiara without its base and pearls but the base was reattached in The Kokoshnik Tiara was presented to Alexandra, Princess of Wales , as a 25th wedding anniversary gift in by Lady Salisbury on behalf of peeresses of the United Kingdom.

She had always wanted a tiara in the style of a kokoshnik Russian for "cock's comb" , a traditional Russian folk headdress, and knew the design well from a tiara belonging to her sister, Marie Feodorovna , the Empress of Russia.

French in its neo-classical design, the tiara has 19 oriental pearls suspended from lover's knot bows each centred with a large brilliant.

She wore it often, notably with her 'Elvis dress' on a visit to Hong Kong in , but on her divorce from Prince Charles it was returned to the Queen.

This tiara was a wedding present to Elizabeth from her mother-in-law, Princess Alice of Greece and Denmark. It also incorporates a wreath of leaves and scrolls on either side.

The Queen has never worn this item in public, and it was given in to her daughter, Princess Anne, who has frequently worn the tiara in public, notably during her engagement to Captain Mark Phillips [36] and for an official portrait marking her 50th birthday.

Anne lent the tiara to her daughter, Zara Philips , to use at her wedding to Mike Tindall in This tiara, made by Cartier in , was purchased by the Duke of York later King George VI for his wife later the Queen Mother three weeks before they became king and queen.

It has a rolling cascade of 16 scrolls that converge on two central scrolls topped by a diamond. Altogether, it contains brilliants and baton diamonds.

The tiara was made in for Queen Mary. The tiara is a platinum band, made up of eleven sections, a detachable centre brooch with interlaced opals and diamonds.

The tiara was lent to the Duchess of Sussex to use at her wedding to Prince Harry in This tiara was created by Garrard London in the s. Made out of pearls and diamonds, it was made from a necklace originally given to the Queen Mother as a wedding gift.

It was often worn by Princess Margaret , upon whose death, the tiara was returned to the Queen's collection.

The tiara has been worn at a number of state occasions by the Queen's granddaughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Made by Boucheron in , the tiara features a honeycomb-patterned diamond lattice and was a favorite of the Queen Mother. The Queen inherited the tiara from her mother in and subsequently placed it under long-term loan to the Duchess of Cornwall.

The tiara was constructed by Boucheron in and features diamonds and several large emeralds in a kokoshnik -style platinum setting.

Princess Eugenie of York wore the tiara at her October wedding ; this marked the first public wearing of the tiara by a member of the royal family.

Given to the Queen Mother as a wedding gift by her father the 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne , this floral piece was worn by the Queen Mother for a few years following her marriage.

It has been a part of the Queen's collection since her mother's death in Composed of ruby, emerald, and sapphire bracelets given to the Queen Mother by King George VI, the set was worn by the Queen Mother in the form of a bandeau.

It is now a part of the Queen's collection who has worn the pieces individually as bracelets over the years and has also lent them to other members of the royal family.

Like the Coronation Necklace, these earrings have been worn by queens regnant and consort at every coronation since Made for Queen Victoria in using the diamonds from an old Garter badge, they are of typical design: a large brilliant followed by a smaller one, with a large pear-shaped drop.

The drops were originally part of the Koh-i-Noor armlet. These 7. When the public noticed that her ears had been pierced, doctors and jewellers found themselves inundated with requests by women anxious to have their ears pierced too.

As well as the chandelier earrings, and 60 other pieces of jewellery, Mrs Greville left the Queen Mother a set of pear-drop earrings that she had bought from Cartier in Diana, Princess of Wales, borrowed them in to wear on her first official visit to Australia.

At a state banquet, she wore the earrings with a tiara from her family's own collection. A pair of large, perfectly matched brilliant cut diamonds set as ear studs for Queen Victoria.

Made out of a "shell containing seven pearls" that were given to Elizabeth as a wedding gift by the Hakim of Bahrain , these earrings consist of a round diamond followed by a circle diamond from which three baguette diamonds are suspended.

At the bottom, three smaller diamonds are attached to the round pearl. Both necklaces consist of a single row of large graduated pearls with pearl clasps.

Horace Walpole , the English art historian, wrote in his diary, "Queen Anne had but few jewels and those indifferent, except one pearl necklace given to her by Prince George ".

Queen Caroline , on the other hand, had a great deal of valuable jewellery, including no fewer than four pearl necklaces.

She wore all the pearl necklaces to her coronation in , but afterwards had the 50 best pearls selected to make one large necklace.

In , both necklaces were given to Elizabeth by her father as a wedding present. On her wedding day, Elizabeth realised that she had left her pearls at St James's Palace.

Her private secretary, Jock Colville , was asked to go and retrieve them. He commandeered the limousine of King Haakon VII of Norway, but traffic that morning had stopped, so even the king's car with its royal flag flying could not get anywhere.

Colville completed his journey on foot, and when he arrived at St James's Palace, he had to explain the odd story to the guards who were protecting Elizabeth's 2, wedding presents.

They let him in after finding his name on a guest list, and he was able to get the pearls to the princess in time for her portrait in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace.

A gift from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia , it is a fringe necklace in design and set with brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. King Faisal bought the necklace, made by the American jeweller Harry Winston , and presented it to her while on a state visit to the United Kingdom in Before his departure, the Queen wore it to a banquet at the Dorchester hotel.

She also lent the necklace to Diana, Princess of Wales, to wear on a state visit to Australia in In , George VI commissioned a three-strand necklace with over brilliant cut diamonds from his inherited collection.

It consists of three small rows of diamonds with a triangle motif. It is of the sunray design and contains both round and pear shaped diamonds.

It has been used together with the Coronation Earrings by queens regnant and consort at every coronation since A diamond necklace made by Cartier in the s.

The Nizam's entire gift set for the future Queen of the United Kingdom included a diamond tiara and matching necklace, whose design was based on English roses.

The tiara has three floral brooches that can be detached and used separately. The Duchess of Cambridge has also worn the necklace.

Two of the stones cut from the diamond were the Elizabeth inherited the brooch in from her grandmother. The couple visited the Asscher Diamond Company , where the Cullinan had been cut 50 years earlier.

It was the first time the Queen had publicly worn the brooch. During her visit, she unpinned the brooch and offered it for examination to Louis Asscher, the brother of Joseph Asscher who had originally cut the diamond.

Elderly and almost blind, Asscher was deeply moved by the fact the Queen had brought the diamonds with her, knowing how much it would mean to him seeing them again after so many years.

The smaller It is set in the centre of a platinum brooch that formed a part of the stomacher made for Queen Mary to wear at the Delhi Durbar in It was often worn like this by Mary who left all the brooches to Elizabeth when she died in It was the day before their wedding, and Victoria wrote in her diary that Albert came to her sitting room and gave her "a beautiful sapphire and diamond brooch".

This piece is made out of "nine chains pave-set with brilliant-cut diamonds" at the bottom and larger diamonds put together at the top, which were given to Queen Victoria by the Ottoman Sultan in The piece was frequently worn by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and after her death it was returned to the Queen's collection.

A parure is a set of matching jewellery to be used together which first became popular in 17th-century Europe. The Brazil Parure is one of the newest items of jewellery in the collection.

In , the president and people of Brazil presented Elizabeth II with the coronation gift of a necklace and matching pendant earrings of aquamarines and diamonds.

The necklace has nine large oblong aquamarines with an even bigger aquamarine pendant drop. The Queen had the drop set in a more decorative diamond cluster and it is now detachable.

She was so delighted with the gift that in she had a tiara made to match the necklace. Seeing that the Queen had so liked the original Coronation gift that she had a matching tiara made, the Government of Brazil decided to add to its gift, and in it presented Elizabeth II with a bracelet of oblong aquamarines set in a cluster of diamonds, and a square aquamarine and diamond brooch.

The suite consists of a long necklace of oblong sapphires and diamonds and a pair of matching square sapphire earrings also bordered with diamonds.

The suite was originally made in The stones exactly matched the colour of the robes of the Order of the Garter. Elizabeth had the necklace shortened by removing the biggest sapphire in , and later had a new pendant made using the removed stone.

In , a new sapphire and diamond tiara and bracelet were made to match the original pieces. In , the Queen wore the complete parure to a charity concert.

For the coronation of their parents in , it was decided that Elizabeth and Margaret should be given small versions of crowns to wear at the ceremony.

However, the king and queen decided they were inappropriately elaborate and too heavy for the young princesses. George VI agreed, and the coronets were designed with Maltese crosses and fleurs-de-lis.

They looked too sweet in their lace dresses and robes, especially when they put on their coronets". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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