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Der Foinikas Syrou, vollständiger Name: Athlitikos Omilos Foinikas Syrou, auf europäischer Ebene als Foinikas Syros bekannt, ist ein griechischer Volleyballverein aus Syros. Seine Spiele trägt der Verein in Ermoupolis aus. Der Foinikas Syrou, vollständiger Name: Athlitikos Omilos Foinikas (tis) Syrou (​deutsch: ‚Sportverein Foinikas (von) Syros'), (griechisch Φοίνικας Σύρου. Die Syros Luxury Seaview Wellness Suite Finikas bietet klimatisierte Unterkünfte mit einer Terrasse in Finikas. Diese Unterkunft am Strand bietet Zugang zu. Stand Playoffs, 2: 1. Begegnungen Gesamt, Siege Olympiacos Piräus, 8. Siege Foinikas Syros, 3. Satzverhältnis, Übersicht Foinikas Syros - Olympiacos Piräus (A1-Liga /, 3. Spieltag).

Foinikas Syros

Griechenland sowie aktuelle Preise und Verfügbarkeit – jetzt buchen! - Foinikas Villa, Sleeps 12 With Pool – buchen Sie ein Top-Hotel in Syros zum Spartarif. Übersicht Foinikas Syros - Olympiacos Piräus (A1-Liga /, 3. Spieltag). Syros ist eine Insel der Kykladen und fast mitten im Archipel gelegen. Eine natürliche Schönheit, archäologische Stätten, herrliche Strände (Galissas, Posi.

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The area of the island is Ermoupoli is the capital of the island, the Cyclades , and the South Aegean. It has always been a significant port town, and during the 19th century it was even more significant than Piraeus.

It was built during the Greek War of Independence in the s. There is an archaeological museum and a municipal library.

The quarter of Vaporia is where sea captains traditionally lived. There are numerous neo-classical mansions along the quarter's narrow streets.

Ano Syros is the second town of Syros and was built by the Venetians at the beginning of the 13th century on the hill of San Giorgio, north-west of Ermoupoli.

Ano Syros maintains a medieval atmosphere. Innumerable steps between narrow streets and houses with coloured doors lead to the top of the town. The medieval settlement of Ano Syros is accessible by car; the town is served mostly by marble steps.

The distance from the harbour up to the main entry point of the town is approximately metres. The cathedral church was constructed during the 13th century.

From the cathedral visitors have a panoramic view of the neighbouring islands of Tinos , Delos , Mykonos , Paros , Andros and Naxos.

The history of settlement on Syros goes back at least 5, years, to the Early Bronze Age of the Cycladic civilization.

Kastri, dated by archaeologists to BC, was one of the earliest settlements in Greece that were protected by stone walls with rounded bastions.

Also the cemetery of Chalandriani is associated with Kastri. Inside the fortification, the houses shared party walls and were packed close together.

It is estimated that the fortified town was home to up to people. The site was first discovered and excavated in by Christos Tsountas , the "father of Cycladic research".

Kastri had some of the earliest metalwork in the region, and also some of the earliest use of potter's wheel. In later times, it appears to have been inhabited by the Phoenicians.

The island was also the home of the philosopher Pherecydes , the teacher of Pythagoras. It possessed two leading cities, Syros now the modern Ermoupoli and another city Galessus on the western coast where Galissas now stands.

The island did not play an important role during antiquity nor the early Christian years [ citation needed ] , it was not even a diocese at a time when even the smallest island possessed its bishop.

During Roman times the capital of Syros was situated in the area of contemporary Ermoupoli. At the end of ancient times, barbarian raids and piracy , which affected the Aegean for many centuries, led Syros to decline.

The island, along with the other Cyclades, was devastated several times during the Middle Ages by raiders from different directions including Sicilians , Arabs , Turks and Venetians.

In the Byzantine years Syros constituted part of the Theme of the Aegean Sea , along with the rest of the Cycladic islands.

After the overthrow of Byzantium in the Fourth Crusade by the Venetians and Franks in , the island was definitively conquered by the Venetians under the leadership of Marco Sanudo.

As part of the Duchy of the Archipelago , Syros would remain under Venetian rule until It was at this time that Ano Syros was founded. During the Latin period , the majority of the local community were Roman Catholics , but maintained the Greek language.

During the reign of almost three and a half centuries of the Duchy of the Archipelago, Syros had a singular feudal regime. By the 16th century, the Ottoman fleet became dominant in the Aegean and the Duchy fell apart.

In the corsair Barbarossa took possession of the island, which would be known as "Sire" during Ottoman rule. At the same time, following an agreement of France and the Holy See with the Ottoman authorities, the Catholics of the island came under the protection of France and Rome [ citation needed ] and so Syros sometimes was called "the Pope's island".

The Venetians had established there a Latin bishopric which was subject to the Latin Archbishopric of Athens until From the time of the island's occupation by the Turks in the 16th century, the Greeks established an Orthodox metropolitan on Syros: Joseph [5] is the earliest known, along with Symeon who died in [6] and Ignatius in The list of titular bishops may be found in Le Quien [9] and in Eubel.

After the second half of the 17th century, a period of economic recovery of the Aegean began, climaxing during the transition from the 18th to the 19th century.

The special regime of the islands allowed the development of local self-government. The decline of piracy since the beginning of the 19th century led to the gradual liberation of the sea routes of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Due to its crucial geographical position, Syros became known as a maritime way-point. Moreover, the special social, religious and institutional conditions prevailing on the island, led Syriots to neutrality at the beginning of the Greek Revolution in These refugees built Ermoupoli.

The island returned to peace and tranquility, Syros became known as a cross-road in the Aegean and as an international commercial center linking Western Europe and the Mediterranean sea to the East.

The construction of the first buildings began in , and in the first Orthodox Church Metamorphosis and the largest Greek sanatorium was constructed.

Because of the Venetian domination from the Middle Ages onwards, the islanders had a Roman Catholic majority.

The majority of the population are Greek Orthodox. Intermarriage between Churches is very common in Syros.

During Syros played a prominent role in the elaboration of the new Greek Constitution. Under Ioannis Kapodistrias Giovanni Capo D'Istria , the first Governor of the new state, the population of Ermoupolis had reached 13, residents and the city had evolved into a seat of government.

It had a Commercial Court of Law, a post office one of the first in Greece , insurance brokerages, the first public school, a branch of the National Bank of Greece , art gallery, museum, library, a social club for the elite society etc.

However, in cholera and a series of other epidemics plunged Syros into mourning. A number of charitable institutions for public health and social services were established during this period: orphanages, poorhouses and a mental hospital.

Newcomers, mainly mariners and tradesmen, gave the island a new dynamic, which along with its demographic and economic development, turned it into an administrative and cultural centre.

Newcomers flocked to the island and founded the town of Ermoupoli, which rapidly became the leading port of Greece. Between and , Ermoupoli was rebuilt in a Neoclassical style, merging Greek Classicism with elements of the Renaissance.

The European architects mainly Germans and Italians and also Greeks who participated in the design and planning of Ermoupolis respected the classical and ancient Greek architecture and harmonized it with the romanticism of the West.

Ermoupoli has a high density of neoclassical architecture. The prosperity of Syros was connected with the development of social and cultural life.

The evolutionary cycle was completed with the creation of the first industrial units during the decade of — Most public buildings, churches, schools, stadiums and many mansions were built in the same elegant and neoclassical style, making Ermoupoli at the time a very modern city with a unique character.

As a result, Syros changed almost overnight from a rather quiet island into a vigorous centre of crafts, industry and production. Also, due to its large port of Ermoupoli , it turned into a major centre for ship building and refitting.

Neorion was the first shipyard of Greece. To this very day, it remains a place where many ships are serviced and refitted. Since the commerce of fabrics, silk, ship building, leather and iron developed on Syros and at the same time a powerful banking system was created.

The tremendous growth and development of Ermoupolis continued and until Syros was the most important commercial harbour in Greece.

Together with commerce and ship building, construction and public works were also developed. The Greek Steamship Company was founded in A period of decline then followed, as sailing gave way to steam, the importance of the geographical situation of the island was reduced and Piraeus harbour finally took the predominant position in Greece - with the competition of Patras also reducing Syros' commercial importance.

The Second World War reduced Syros' economic development, as was the case for every economic centre in Greece. However, already since the s, along with the generalized economic recovery and the rise of the living standards in Greece, elements of improvement appeared with tourism as its central axis.

At the same time, the re-opening of the Neorion shipyards , as well as a number of other activities, indicate that Syros is on an upward trend.

Ermoupoli today has 7 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, 2 high schools, 2 technical schools and the Aegean University with a department of Fine Arts and system design, with a proposed future addition in Applied Arts and Visual Arts.

The Syros Island National Airport , the Aegean casino , the frequent passenger boat transportation system and all other modern amenities help to attract many domestic and foreign tourists to the island all year round.

Syros also has a British cemetery where various people are buried, including many seamen and servicemen who died in the Cyclades region, particularly during the Second World War.

The numerous consulates of countries such as France, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries bear witness to the connection of Syros with the wider European scene.

Syros is a separate regional unit of the South Aegean region. The only municipality of the regional unit is Syros-Ermoupoli. As a part of the Kallikratis government reform, the regional unit Syros was created out of part of the former Cyclades Prefecture.

At the same reform, the municipality Syros-Ermoupoli was created out of the 3 former municipalities: [12]. The municipality also includes the uninhabited island Gyaros and several other islets.

The total area of the municipality is Its territory corresponded with that of the current regional units Syros and Mykonos. As in the rest of Greece, Syros has Eastern Orthodox churches.

Metamorphosis is the most important Orthodox church on the island, Kimisis tis Theotokou is also significant and noted for the fact that it hosts a masterpiece by painter El Greco.

The Catholic diocese numbers worshippers, 21 secular priests and 8 regulars, 7 parishes , 7 churches with a resident priest, 3 without a priest, and 57 chapels.

There is also a single church of the Greek Byzantine Catholic Church which is not part of the diocese but subject to the Byzantine Exarchate of Greece.

Now that I am back, I miss those lasy days laying on my sun bed in Finikas, under the hot Greek sun. In the evening, the beach could get a bit windy, but until in the afternoon it was great!

By the beach, there were taverns and cafeterias, but nightlife was almost inexisting on Finikas. For good clubs, go to Ermoupolis, but still do not expect wild things.

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Syros ist eine Insel der Kykladen und fast mitten im Archipel gelegen. Eine natürliche Schönheit, archäologische Stätten, herrliche Strände (Galissas, Posi. Foinikas Syrou Volleyball Team, Syros, Greece. Gefällt Mal. Foinikas Syrou Volleyball Team [Unofficial Fan Page]. Finikas Essen und Trinken: Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie Bewertungen von 9 Finikas Restaurants, Bars und “Überraschung französische Küche auf Syros”. Foinikas Villa 12 Personen privates Schwimmbad. 00 FINIKAS (Syros, Griechenland). 1 Villa. 12 Personen. 6 Zimmern. 1 Badezimmer. €/Nacht. Griechenland sowie aktuelle Preise und Verfügbarkeit – jetzt buchen! - Foinikas Villa, Sleeps 12 With Pool – buchen Sie ein Top-Hotel in Syros zum Spartarif.

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The town of Finikas has all kinds of shops and services like supermarkets, a bakery, a butcher shop, a hair salon, a bookshop and newspaper stand, a pharmacy, a medical center, a car and bike rental agency as well as a nautical equipment shop.

Visitors can practice different sports such as sailing at the sailing school of the Yacht Club of Syros , canoe, windsurfing, fishing, hiking and cycling.

Various cultural events are organized under the auspices of the Cultural Association of Finikas, which promotes the local tradition through various activities e.

The natural beauty of the scenery, the crystal waters and sandy beaches, the warm and hospitable villagers, always eager to welcome any guest, shall make your holidays an unforgettable experience!

At hotel Brazzera you can enjoy, apart from nice hospitality and homemade traditional breakfast, different kinds of activities, either of relaxation like massage, rejuvance , body treatment , either of alternative style like yoga, reiki.

Hotels Brazzera is a modern hotel with 14 rooms located in the offshore village of Finikas, in Syros island, Cyclades.

Whether you are playing tennis, or you would like to enjoy this sport, you can refer to our reception and use our tennis courts, in the back yard of our hotel.

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Ergebnis aus 3 Bewertungen. Talaras Taverna. Rethymno Kreta. Just walk down the stairs, cross the street and swim in the crystal water of the Aegean Sea. Der Name Finikas wurde von den Phöniziern gegeben, die hier in der Antike einen eigenen Hafen hatten. Wir bieten den gleichen Preis Gratis Spielen Gratis bieten den gleichen Preis. Mehr anzeigen. Because of the Venetian domination from the Middle Ages onwards, the Playing Bingo Online had a Roman Catholic majority. For Casinoeuro Login clubs, go to Ermoupolis, but still do not expect wild things. Aegina Hydra Kythira Piraeus Troizinia. The area of the island is Achaea Aigialeia Kalavryta Patras.